Students working in lab

The Center supports advanced, cross-disciplinary, experiential training for BS, MS, and PhD students in semiconductor materials design and development, physical electronics, and semiconductor physics in partnership with industry, government laboratories, and other academic organizations.

Undergraduate participation beginning in the freshman year is highly encouraged, and the Center provides opportunities for undergraduate research assistants and senior design projects. Students receive hands-on training in:

  • Thin-film growth and processing
  • Semiconductor processing and device fabrication
  • Computational materials design
  • Vacuum technology
  • Electronic materials
  • Circuit designs & IC fabrication
  • RF/EMF interference & shielding
  • 2D/3D printing for packaging
  • Hermetic IC packaging

Related BS, MS, PhD Programs

Upcoming Programs

  • Specialized graduate certificate (9hrs)
  • Undergraduate minor (18hrs)
  • MS in Semiconductor Technology (34hrs)